Darkness Points

What are Darkness Points?

Darkness Points are a reward given by the Storyteller for in-game and out-of-game achievements.

Darkness Points are rewarded at the discretion of the Storyteller, and can be used at the discretion of the Player.

How do I earn Darkness Points?

In-game, an player may receive a Darkness Point by making a critical skill/combat, deciphering a hard-to-read tome, or successfully completing an story. The Storyteller may choose to reward Blood Points for bravery, sacrifice, or exemplary role-playing.

Out-of-game, a Player may receive a Darkness Point by contributing to the campaign site. This includes creating Player Journals, commenting on Adventure Logs, updating your Character Page, or posting/replying to the Forums.

How do I use Darkness Points?

Blood Points are used in-game to improve your character or change a particular outcome. Here is a breakdown:

1 Blood Points: Reroll a skill/combat check
3 Blood Points: Add a dice to a skill/combat check
4 Blood Points: Automatic success on a skill/combat check
5 Blood Points: Increase any skill by one dice for the session.

Darkness Point Tracker

Darkness Points

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