North Towers

The looming forms of North Towers face directly onto Main Street, facing Riverlodge Apartments. Built and owned by North Industries, the towers house various departments of said corporation. Whilst the upper levels are off limits to none staff members the ground level of the eastern tower is home to a generous sized mall, with various shopping facilities and other interesting locales.


North Industries is a large pharmaceutical company run by the North family, (Edward and his two sons Frances and David.) Edward took control of the corporation some years back, from his father James. Who built the business up to be a formidable opponent to the long standing pharmaceutical companies of modern America.

Once Edward had taken control he took it that step further and together with a small group of trusted high ranking employees they built it up to the behemoth corporation it is today. Their collective gift of outbidding other companies for contracts and sales is uncanny.

North Industries is the makers of the following Pharmaceuticals

* Anphylox
* Amproprax
* Avoprem
* Niraderm
* Phenylpro
* Prozira
* Sariferm
* Xarylax
* Zalaflo
* Zynacor

The Ground Floor. (Eastern Tower.)

A sprawling mass of mini stalls and boutiques, one could get lost on a days shopping there. (More info coming soon.)

Western Tower and Eastern Tower Upper Floors.

Closed to the public as most research is strictly confidential.

North Towers

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