It’s a very sad day when every child releases that Mommy and Daddy are not going to be there to help them all the time.  When they release that nothing is going to protect them but themselves.  When they are ripped from there own little wonderland.  The sudden and dark realization that the world is not a nice or happy place by any means; in fact it’s the exact opposite, a place of nightmares where unspeakable horrors are around every corner.

Shattered Dreams is a World Of Darkness campaign that is set in the fictional city of Moon Bay Washington, located in south Snohomish County on the shores of Moon Bay, approximately 14 miles north of Seattle.  A nice little suburb town where nothing happens, or so everyone thinks, but underneath the surface lies a dark underworld. An underworld where several children will stumble into and have there lives changed forever.


All players that are interested should come up with a background for a character between the ages of 18-21.  This background should include home life, sex life, how the child was brought up, general personality, family standing, etc.  Put down as much or as little information you like, but the more information and time you put into your character the more you will enjoy the game and I just want to remind everyone that these are going to be living breath people that everyone is playing.  Once you are done with the background of the character ten you can start making a character by the WoD rules.  If you are completely new to the system that’s just fine, it will only take a couple of minutes to put a character to paper when you have a good background.  I also encourage players to pick out a model to represent there character, its kind of like picking out a actor to play your character. Rule of thumb make a college student not a character.


·       There are only 6 player slots for the game.

·       Minimum of 4 players is required for game to start.

·       Regular attendance is required (aka let us know if your not going to be there one week) no call no show will get you ejected from the game.  The only exception to this is people on extended leave of absence.

·       ST (me) reserves the rite to change rules that are dumb.

·       All players must be over 18, because I do run adult games with adult subject matter and immaturity is not welcome.

·        All players must show up somewhat sober.  If you are smashed and cant think your no good to the game (this includes all forms of intoxicants).

·       No power gaming or “cheese” characters. This is a thinking man’s/woman’s game, if you want to go run around and kill stuff all the time then go play in someone else’s group.

·       Due to the nature of the World of Darkness games I do ask players to refrain from reading every single white wolf book you can get your hands on. It cuts down on metagaming (using out of character knowledge in game) and keeps the game a mystery.  Also just because White Wolf puts out a book doesn’t mean its going to be in the game, I need to look at the book first and see if it will work in our game or even if it is needed at all.

·       No illegal drugs are to be used at any time in or around the game. I will though you out of my house and game if you are caught.

·       Clean up after yourself. The game will more than likely be played at my house and I don’t like cleaning up after people anymore than anyone else.

·       No cheating, I run on the honesty rule a lot and I can’t stand cheaters.


I am going to be putting up a website with information about the town of Moon Bay later on but for now this is just to get all interested player plenty of time to get started.  All interested players should contact me at derrick.cochran[at] for more information, any questions you might have, and to get your name on the list of players.


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