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The Community

The City of Moon Bay is located in south Snohomish County on the shores of Moon Bay, approximately 14 miles north of Seattle. Moon Bay was a well-established town by the turn of the century and the present urban form preserves many characteristics of its historic origins. The community’s location on the west-facing slopes of Moon Bay provides many amenities, including extensive views of the water and Olympic Mountains, access to beaches and waterfront parks, and compact downtown area..

Historic Development

The community that became the City of Moon Bay grew out of a railroad and logging operation started by Raymond George in 1876. Incorporated in 1890, the original town site is now occupied primarily by the downtown and adjacent residential areas. The Great Northern Railroad reached the town in 1891 and for many years provided access for goods and passenger travel. Although fires destroyed many of the waterfront mills, shingle production continued to be the primary industry in the city into the 1940s.

The city continued to grow during the 1940s and 50s, resulting in a more active role of the municipality in providing water, sewer and streets for residential and commercial expansion. The Port district was formed in 1948 and began waterfront improvements. Completion of Interstate 5 and increased growth in the Seattle region led to a gradual change in the character of the city with more emphasis on residential development and a decline in the retail importance of the downtown.

Moon Bay is now primarily a residential community that also provides many amenities for residents and visitors. An active arts and cultural community contributes to the strong sense of civic pride widely shared in the community. There are numerous well-kept residential neighborhoods, a viable economic base, and an active, involved citizenry.

Shattered Dreams

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